Japanese Yuzen Washi Paper – 15cm x 15cm Origami Paper – Assortment 40 Sheet Pack – Japanese Chiyogami Paper – With Gold Accent

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ITEM LISTING: The listed price is for 1 pack 40 sheets in total, 1 pack contains 20 assorted very high quality handcrafted yuzen washi paper and 20 assorted plain colour washi paper. Size: each sheet is approx 15cm x 15cm Patterns in each pack do vary.

Made in Japan, hand silkscreen printed.

*Genuine yuzen paper - no nasty chemical smell.

ABOUT YUZEN PAPER Yuzen paper, also known as Chiyogami or Washi paper are made from a base paper consisting of mulberry (kozo) fibres and wood pulp. It is the mulberry that gives Yuzen paper its strength, pliability and resilience. Yuzen papers are still made by hand in Japan. The printing of these elaborate designs are particularly labour intensive as it involves overlaying each colour by silk screening allowing drying time in between each layer. Sometimes 5 to 6 separate colour overlays are required with the final layer usually gold. The pigment based inks used in Yuzen produce vibrant, rich colours that are durable and not prone to fading. Given the beauty of these yuzen washi paper, they are now used in many applications, not just for origami. They can also be used in card making, invitations, scrapbooking, photo albums and jewellery. These are genuine Japanese Yuzen papers made in Japan, they do not have any nasty chemical smells. Most if not all have gold accent finish for added beauty.

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